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Email marketing has become an essential part the co-registration process and Jordan VIP allows you to integrate with the ESP of your choice.  However, email has become a commodity and email service providers (ESPs) are a dime a dozen, causing many to think there's little difference between them.  Below is how Jordan VIP differentiates itself in the marketplace and why we might be the best choice for your email marketing needs.  Jordan VIP publishers and advertisers who choose to use us as their ESP enjoy special discounts and incentives.

Difference #1:

Our Product is All-Inclusive
Unlike other email service providers, Jordan VIP's product is all-inclusive meaning we don't tier our product based on features.  Every time we develop a new feature or expand our system, we make the upgrades available to all our clients regardless of their agreement size.

Difference #2:

Price/Value Guarantee
Jordan VIP is the only ESP with a pricing guarantee.   Jordan VIP's "Best Value Guarantee" assures that you will not find a more comprehensive, all-inclusive product on the market for the price. We guarantee our pricing to be at least 10% less than comparable email products and in many cases is 40% to 60% less.  You can be assured you're getting the best deal on the market.

Difference #3:

Mandatory Custom DNS and Unique IP
A lot of ESPs pay lip service to deliverability however very few follow the platinum standard for best practices; custom DNS with unique IP address.  Sending commercial email with a custom DNS and unique IP address is the BEST way to manage email deliverability.  We take this practice so seriously that we mandate all of our clients follow it.  In fact, if you don't have a unique IP address and custom DNS you cannot take advantage of premium delivery services from ReturnPath, SuretyMail, GoodMail and others.

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